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How can you guarantee that your teachers will not bypass us and keep the students?

There are 5 points that discourage a teacher from attempting to bypass the network.

Every administrator is carefully reviewing the package and student’s renewal rate before assigning a student to a teacher. If the teacher is offering the student to continue outside the network, it will affect the renewal rate and decrease the potential of receiving new students.


The salary is based on the renewal rate. Therefore, if a student renews several times, the salary per lesson becomes really interesting and the difference between the money earned without the network is far less significant.


Without the network there are many details that can increase the work of the teacher. Of course, the teacher can’t use the student panel if the student is not part of the network. Neither can they access the content or the service of the administrators. The lesson postponing alone, is a major hassle that is taken care of by the student panel and/or the administrator.

The teachers don’t have access to the email of the students. All the correspondence between the student and the teacher is going through the messaging system. This correspondence is available to the administrator.

The teachers have the responsibility to record every lesson and post the audio streaming link to their account. That audio file is available to the teacher, the student, and the administrator.

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