Do you provide the material for the courses?

Yes. We have a lesson database with more than 50 courses.

Can we integrate our own courses?

Yes it is possible. Depending on the format, some fees may occur.

We don’t want to sell courses. Is it possible?

Yes. In this case, by default you are selling the Open Course. This means that during the first lesson, the teacher will ask to the student a series of questions in order to identify which course from our database is more suitable. After the first lesson, the teacher will assign all the lessons for the future lessons with the student.

Is the cost the same for every course?

No. The cost is different per Course Type. Each course type has many different courses that you can sell for different prices, but your cost remain the same. Here’s the cost per lesson for each course type (1-on-1):

Course type

Teacher salary

Zamenhof commission

General English

$6 to $8


Exam Preparation

$7 to $9


Specialized English

$8 to $10





Are the teachers qualified to teach the courses?

Most General English courses does not require any certifications beside the regular teaching certificate (TESOL, CELTA... etc). The teachers can apply to new courses from the Training section of their teacher accounts. The teachers will be assigned to the new course up on completion of the training. For Specialized English, some course requires a specific diploma or additional experience.

Do you have courses for children?

Not at the moment, but we are working on it. We do have a few courses for teenagers.