Evaluation / Assessment

What is an evaluation?

It is common practice in the online language education industry to offer a free consultation to website visitors (OpenEnglish.com, Englishlive.ef.com, DaDaABC… ). What we noticed that works very well is to offer a free live evaluation instead of a consultation. This process serves multiple purposes:

  1. It helps the student experience the service.

  2. It’s a good way to orient the student to their suggested course level.

  3. It helps in gathering the necessary information to create an Order Confirmation.

We can provide English speaking staff for these evaluations. They will call back your leads 24/7 and register an Order Confirmation based on the students’ requests, expressed during the free evaluation call. You will be able to monitor the process from the “Call back” page, and you will have access to the recordings of these evaluations. Your cost for the completed evaluation, including the registration with an Order Confirmation, is $3. If that evaluation turns into a sale of a package of at least 4 lessons, an extra $6 will be added.

Our current conversion rate for existing student is 40%.

How do the evaluations (callbacks) works?

  • The student registers for a free evaluation from your website. In the free evaluation form, the student has to answer the question “at what time do you want us to call you back for a free evaluation?”

  • Once the student clicks submit, the application will appear on what we call “the free evaluation board”. The application will show in line according to the “call back” time indicated by the student.

  • There is always an evaluator responsible for the free evaluation board (24/7- you can see who is on duty, see his/her contact info and contact him/her if you need to). Once the application of your student is transferred to the “call now” section, the evaluator will call the student using the contact information your student provided (either landline phone, mobile phone, or Skype).

  • The evaluator will ask several questions. Here are some examples:

    • For which purpose are you learning English?

    • What would you like to improve?

    • Would you prefer to have a teacher from Great Britain or North America (USA, Canada)?

    • How many lessons would you like to have per week, and at what time?

  • With that information, the evaluator will register a “test result” document with all the information collected during the evaluation and a personalized text about the student.

  • Your administrator will simply have to register the package of lessons. All the data from the “test result” document will be transferred to the “Package Registration Page,” only the teacher will need to be selected. Once the package is registered, your admin will click “send” to send the test result to the email account of the student.

  • The “Package Registration Email” will contain:

    • the result of your evaluation and the level of English according to a standard scale.

    • the resume of the teacher(s) that was selected (also, a link to the teacher’s page on your website (if available – example)).

    • the schedule with the exact time and date for each lesson

    • the information about the connection fee (if any)

    • the terms and conditions

    • access information (URL, Login and Password) to the student panel

    • a downloadable pdf invoice

    • and several payment links in accordance to your setup.

  • If the student is satisfied with the schedule, he/she will simply use one of the payment links of his/her choice to buy the package. The administrator will automatically receive the notification and manually confirm the package from the administrator account.

  • If the student would like to change something (e.g. the teacher, the time, the dates… etc.), he/she will be able to do it from the student panel or by asking the administrator for some help.

  • The administrator has all the tools to follow up at this point. From the “Pending payment” section of the administrator account, the admin can send up to 3 template emails to inquire about the student’s intentions in buying the package.

  • Once the student makes their decision, the admin can either confirm or cancel the package registration.

What is an assessment?

The test assessment is a scheduled live lesson, usually with a different teacher. From your administrator account, you can create a test assessment, define the score scale and select subject areas, based on the structure of your course. For example, a TOEFL iBT Test would offer a score that scales from 0 to 120, and would cover the areas of Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. The main advantage is that after the first test assessment, it will create a new "Progress Report" page the student account. On that page, the student can monitor their progress, per area, from the first test assessment. Having test assessments every month creates structure for the course, and gives a sense of achievement and progress to the students, which significantly increases the retention rate.

The test assessment is a great tool to help you create a program that leads to a diploma.