Will my students know that I am part of the Zamenhof network?


  • Your students will never be contacted by Zamenhof

  • They will never see a link or a logo from Zamenhof

  • No partners from the network will ever contact your students

  • The teachers will always present themself as part of your school (not Zamenhof)

  • All the correspondence between your students and Zamenhof’s teacher(s) will be signed by your school (example: John Doe – Teacher at <your school>).

  • The evaluators will present themselves as employees of your school and all the emails they will send to your students will be personalized to your school.

Do all the students have to be from the Internet? Can we register students from our office?

You can easily register a student from your office. The registration process is really convenient for the administrator and you can print a receipt as well.

What is the difference between an administrator account and an advisor account?

There is only one administrator account. The administrator account can create an unlimited amount of secretary accounts. The administrator account can decide which functions are enabled and disabled for every secretary account.

Do you provide a self-study (MOOC) option?

We offer a self-study platform that can be enabled with a single click from your administrator account. With that platform, you can provide your students with a self-study course that they can take in parallel with the online live lessons. That platform is fully customizable and your content can be displayed according to the existing structure of your self-study course.

Do you provide extra help, outside of the Zamenhof platform?

If you need any help getting this project started, not necessarily related to the scope of this project, such as a presentation website or marketing campaign, please let us know. We often help our partner schools with various projects so our experience could be of great value to your school.