Can you describe the usual day for an administrator?

Here’s a list of what your administrator will do:

  • Send the template emails to the potential student who received the free evaluation but didn’t confirm (paid) the package yet. (10 seconds)

  • Send the template emails as a quality control to all the current students who reached half of their package (10 seconds)

  • Re-schedule new packages of students who finished their package of lessons, had their survey, and requested the administrator to schedule a new package of lessons. (15 minutes)

  • Confirm the packages which were paid outside of business hours (10 minutes)

  • Register a package of lessons for the new students who had their evaluations outside of business hours

  • Review and accept the applications from the corporate clients

  • View / answer the messages sent by the students outside of business hours

  • Answer the phone for the students who have questions about the service

  • Re-schedule the missed evaluations

  • Call the students who requested a call back

  • Chat with the students from the “chat service” from the website

This resume is the task list of the administrator.

What if a student doesn’t want to purchase a package with scheduled dates?

You can offer “unscheduled” lessons. Your students will then have the possibility to schedule the lessons from their student account with the teacher of their choice and at a time that is convenient for them.

What is the minimum delay before confirming a lesson?

Usually 24 hours but sometime less. Teachers can set their own time frame which is between 0 and 24 hours. The busiest teachers are often willing to start teaching earlier than 24 hours. You can see that information from the registration page when you schedule a package of lessons.

What if the quality of the connection during the lesson is not good enough? Who is responsible for replacing the lesson?

We have a way to avoid such a situation. When we hire a teacher, we require a minimum of 2mbps download and 1mbps upload internet connection speed. When a student signup on the student account, our system will monitor the internet speed and notify the student if the connection is too slow. If the student ignores that notification and the quality of the sound is too bad, the teacher has the directive to contact the student on another connection type (landline or mobile phone) in order to avoid the lesson’s cancellation. Zamenhof pays the extra fee for that lesson. After the lesson, the administrator and the student will receive a notification about the issue and suggest to adjust the connection fee for the future lessons.

Do the teachers record the lessons? Can we listen to every lesson?

Yes. Every lesson is recorded. We use an “in cloud” system that doesn’t affect the quality of the sound. After each lesson, the audio (and video) file will be available to the student (from the student account) and to the administrator (from the attendance page).

What kind of reports can I download?

From the report page of your administrator account, you can set the time filter to a date range for your choice and view or download the following reports:

  • Student IDs The list of every student who signed up

  • Package IDs The list of every confirmed package

  • Lessons The total amount of lessons held (student time)

  • Evaluations Total amount of evaluations, held and confirmed

  • Unscheduled The list of every unscheduled lesson

  • Adjustments Lessons postponed from previous weeks

Work Orders The current work order and all past work orders.

What happens if the teacher doesn’t call my student?

The teacher will report the lesson as “absent” and you will be able to view from your attendance panel that the lesson was missed. An absent lesson can have 2 types of status;

  • missed due to teacher’s fault

  • missed due to student’s fault

In both situations, you will receive a short report regarding the reason why the lesson was missed. If the lesson was missed due to the students’ fault, the teacher has the responsibility to send an email to the student to warn him that the lesson was cancelled. If the lesson was missed due to the teachers’ fault, the teacher has the responsibility to contact his own student to reschedule the lesson.